Human Resource Management Cases List


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  • Allentown Materials Corp.: The Electronic Products Division by Michael Beer
  • Appex Corp. by Nitin Nohria
  • Arck Systems by Ian I. Larkin
  • Black Caucus Groups at Xerox Corp. by Raymond A. Friedman
  • Cirque du Soleil by Thomas J. DeLong
  • Foxconn Technology Group (A) by Robert G. Eccles, George Serafeim, Beiting Cheng
  • John Smithers by Todd D. Jick
  • John Smithers at Sigtek by Todd D. Jick
  • Massachusetts Financial Services by Brian J. Hall, Jonathan P. Lim
  • Merck & Co., Inc. (A) by Kevin J. Murphy
  • Nordstrom: Dissension in the Ranks by Robert L. Simons
  • Otis Elevator: Accelerating Business Transformation with IT by F. Warren McFarlan
  • People Express (A) by Leonard A. Schlesinger
  • People Express Airlines: Rise and Decline by Michael Beer
  • Portman Hotel Co. by Charles C. Heckscher
  • Recruitment of a Star by Boris Groysberg
  • SG Cowen: New Recruits by Thomas J. DeLong
  • Slade Plating Department by Linda A. Hill
  • Strike in Space by Michael B. McCaskey, E. Mary Lou Balbaky
  • Visionary Design Systems: Are Incentives Enough by George P. Baker
  • Webster Industries (A) by R. Roosevelt Thomas Jr.

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