Negotiation cases List


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  • American Airlines, Inc.: Revenue Management by Adam M. Brandenburger, Anirudh S. Dhebar
  • Beauregard Textile Co. by Francis J. Aguilar
  • Bundling by Adam Brandenburger, Vijay Krishna
  • C.K. Coolidge, Inc. (A) by John S. Hammond
  • Catawba Industrial Co. by Francis J. Aguilar
  • Colonial Broadcasting Co. by George Wu
  • Colonial Homes by David E. Bell, Najib Hashem
  • Confederated Pulp & Paper by David E. Bell
  • Dave Armstrong (A) by George Wu
  • Deworming Kenya: Translating Research into Action (A) by Nava Ashraf
  • Frasier (A) by Guhan Subramanian
  • Honda-Rover (A): Crafting an Alliance by James K. Sebenius, Ashish Nanda, Ron S. Fortgang
  • L.L. Bean, Inc.: Item Forecasting and Inventory Management by Arthur Schleifer
  • Leckenby Co. by David A. Lax, Thomas T. Weeks
  • Luna Pen (A) by Michael A. Wheeler, Kathleen L. McGinn
  • Luna Pen (B) by Michael A. Wheeler, Kathleen L. McGinn
  • Marsh & McLennan (A) by Paul A. Vatter, Howard W. Pifer
  • Nopane Advertising Strategy by David E. Bell
  • Sunk Costs: The Plan to Dump the Brent Spar (A) by Michael D. Watkins
  • Toro Co. S’no Risk Program by David E. Bell

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